GPR is a powerful tool in archeology as it has ability to locate artifacts and map features without any risk of damaging them. Read more

Mining and geology

Geophysical investigation, mostly GPR, in quarries and mines provide precise information regarding the depth of the bedrock and helps the estimation of reserves of mining material. Read more

Utility mapping

GPR is a beneficial tool due to its capability to define location and depth of metallic and non-metallic utilities such as pipes, cables etc.. Read more


GPR utility locating services can help defining the location and depth of utilities and rebar before digging or drilling. Read more

Road quality control

Precise and in depth information of the road with evaluation of the base and sub-base levels, the thickness of the asphalt and gravel layers. Read more


Geophysical investigations of the hydrogeological conditions of the subsurface reveal the path of the underground water. Read more