High frequency GPR inestigation2High frequency building investigation providing the following:

Rebar Location:  Ground Penetrating Radar is an effective tool for detection of embedded rebar in concrete floors and walls. GPR can detect the depth and orientation of electrical conduit, utility cables and water lines.

Flue Location: High frequency GPR is very effective in locating chimney flues in buildings. This can be done with no intrusive works or damage to the building structure. It can be done in occupied buildings with minimum disruption to the occupants. The only requirement is that good access to the walls to be surveyed is available.

Conduit Location: GPR is used to locate electrical conduits embedded in or below slabs and inside walls prior to saw cutting or core drilling, thereby minimizing the risk of electrocution to the operator and reducing the risk of building systems shutdowns

Void-Cavity Detection in Concrete: High frequency ground penetrating radar is a unique tool in detecting the presence of voids that can impact the structural stability of a concrete slab

Slab Thickness Measurement: GPR can determine and record the slab thickness for both slab-on-grade and suspended slabs, determine rebar depth to measure concrete cover in slabs, beams, and columns

Concrete Evaluation: GPR is a great tool for concrete evaluation and to determine concrete deterioration, slab thickness, rebar spacing, bar elevation, and amount of concrete cover over the rebar.